Friday, January 9, 2009


Looking through my old photographs taken with the Rebel, nostalgia has taken upon me... That damn place is so irrisistible for me that I decided to just jump into my car and go back. Not in the distant future, not in the spring, not next month. This Sunday. My brother, me and my camera. Some snowboarding and some mountaineering. Sleeping in a tent, cooking on a propane stove. Kicking steps with our crampons. Kicking ass on the slopes of Vail or Aspen. Ultimate fun, ultimate freedom. Stay tuned for some new shots, until then enjoy the old ones. Here they are...   

A friendly bird, possibly a Northern Shrike but I'm not sure 

Leadville, Colorado

Chris aka SeaPea, my mate from UK

Frozen moments...

Defreezing moments... Mezcal!

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