Thursday, January 8, 2009

Utah Revisited

La Sal Mountains, Utah. The early spanish explorers
named this beautiful and remote range La Sal (Salt). 
The were convinced they were covered with salt as 
couldn't believe it was possible to have snow-capped
mountains in the middle of the dessert

Selective erosion sculptured these amazing cliffs

Balanced rock

Feel free to imagine what's the meaning of this

My dear friend Chris, practicing levitation

On January 1st 2006, on route to Las Vegas, Nevada coming from Colorado, we made a quick stop to visit Arches National Park. It was well worth it, the park became one of my favorite places on the face of Earth. Here's some images that I like, click on the link to see more. 

Photographs taken with a Canon Rebel XT and kit lens + a cheap Sigma 70-300 mm. 

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