Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter ascent to 4000m

The ridge connecting Cupid and Grizzly Peak

Looking south from Grizzly Peak. Thin air above 4000m


Nicest backdrop ever!

Alin climbing the north face of Grizzly Peak

After a noisy night spent in tent in a parking lot next to Co 6 (No overnight parking or camping permitted in Loveland Pass) we started climbing the ridge linking Loveland Pass and Torreys Peak, on the Continental Divide in the Front Range. Perfect weather (although windy at times), asolutely nobody up there, amazing visibility with mountain ranges everywhere you looked. A true alpine landscape captured with my Canon G10. Very happy with my latest aquisition, small, sturdy, capable camera. No more lugging big cameras on the mountains. Enjoy the rest of the pics here

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